Concussion Management

Head FAO: Greg Smith - 0409 074 598

FAO: Gareth Smith - 0433 292 350

Please read the above important documents regarding concussions.

Please note we are governed by different policies and protocols than the NRL

with the major difference being that once a player has been assessed and be determined to have a suspected concussion then that player must be removed from play immediately and MUST NOT return to play until medical clearance is provided.


For 18 YEARS and under there is a mandatory 14 days before a return to play and for 19 YEARS and over a mandatory 11 days before return to play.

PLEASE NOTE  Leaguesafe personnel CANNOT assess a player for concussion ONLY Level 1 & 2 Sports Trainers (Blue or Orange shirt have NRL accreditation to do so).


If a player is assessed to have a suspected concussion while playing away then

Greg  0409074598 or Gareth 0433292350 ASAP.