2022 Registration Fees


UNDER 6 - $200


UNDER 7 - UNDER 9 - $250


UNDER 10 - UNDER 12 - $275


UNDER 13 - UNDER 18 - $300

UNDER 6 (Born 2016 or 2017)

UNDER 7 (Born 2015)

UNDER 8 (Born 2014)

UNDER 9 (Born 2013)

UNDER 10 (Born 2012)

UNDER 11 (Born 2011)

UNDER 12 (Born 2010)

UNDER 13 (Born 2009)

UNDER 14 (Born 2008)

UNDER 15 (Born 2007)

UNDER 16 (Born 2006)

UNDER 18 (Born 2005 or 2004)

Returning Players

If you were registered with the Currumbin Eagles in previous seasons and have never transferred to another club since, you may re-register online for the 2021 season by clicking on the icon below. Please ensure your child's photo is reasonably current, if not, or there is no photo at all, please upload current photo. The photo must be a head shot similar to a passport or school photo.

New Players

If you have never previously been registered to play Rugby League at any club, as part of the registration process, you will need to complete the registration process by clicking on the icon above. You will be required to upload a copy of your Birth Certificate or Passport for verification purposes. This can be a scan or digital photo of the document and needs to clearly show all details. If you are unable to do this you are still able to continue with the process but will not be fully registered properly until this is provided to the Club or uploaded.
Please contact the Club Registrar if you wish to provide a hard copy of the Birth Certificate or Passport.
Also a photo is required for each player on their record for registration purposes and you may add this at the point of registering on-line or the Club Registrar will contact you to arrange for a photo. If you do upload a photo we only require a head shot similar to a passport or school photo.

Players Transferring from Another Club

If you wish to transfer from another rugby league club you will be unable to register online until a clearance request has been approved. This applies if you have ever played for another club, however if you are unsure, and attempt to register the online process will verify this and provide a message as to whether you can continue with the online registration process.


To initiate the transfer process, please send an email to registrations@currumbineagles.com.au requesting your childs transfer to Currumbin Eagles JRLFC. Please include childs full name, date of birth and the name of the club you are transferring from.

2021 Registration Fees

Registration includes provision of socks, shorts and polo or training tee shirt.

Registration Fees include, but are not limited to:

District Registration and Associated Affiliation fees

Compulsory Insurance

Referee Fees

First Aid Levy

GCCC Field Right of Use Levy

Game Day Operations costs

Training and Education costs

Skills Development

Trophies and Presentation Day Costs

Club Membership for Player

Club Membership for 1 Parent / Guardian


Online payments can be made via 2 options and there are no additional fees with either of these options. they are: Credit Card Payment OR the NRL has also set up a new method of paying when registering online called POLi Pay. With POLi Pay users can seamlessly and securely pay online by connecting to their bank. POLi Pay is run by Australia Post.

If you choose not to pay online please note that players will not be fully registered and will not be permitted to play until payments is received in full by the club.

CASH and Credit card payments can be made at the club.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer our details are below.

Bank Details for Transfer:


Currumbin Eagles Juniors                             Currumbin Eagles Seniors

Westpac                                                           Westpac

BSB: 034-604                                                   BSB: 034-604

ACC: 397964                                                    ACC: 397999

Please use the players surname and year of birth as reference.


If you have transferred money for multiple players then please also email through to the club a confirmation stating your payment and players names to treasurer@currumbineagles.com.au

2021 Season Registration (Juniors)

47 Kennedy Drive, Tweed Heads

Ph: 5536 6937